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A Recognized Personality That Delivers Results

Direct Response Host, Michael Alden has helped to generate millions of dollars in sales of supplements and books all over America. Michael Alden has perfected the interview style commercial; he captures consumers’ attention, embeds an appetite to buy and motivates them to action. Michael’s urgent Calls to Action are not just compelling but they are effective; generating quantifiable and significant response. Not just anyone can adapt the knowledge and skill of persuasion, and that is why Alden’s success rate is so high. A large percentage of Alden’s shows move past the testing stage and go on to nationwide distribution. This is why most of the campaigns he has supported and pitched surpass his client’s MER (Media Efficiency Ratio) goals and receive a high return on investment. If you are looking for the top host in direct response, an industry expert with production and managerial experience then you do not need to look any further.

Entrepreneur. Your Host. The Face of Success.
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